Your Booze Free Party

It is no secret that once you hit the legal age, your parties almost always revolve around alcohol. However, since of late, the number of sober parties are hitting an all-time high especially, due to many young health and fitness freaks walking around. And guess what? Those parties are actually really fun. If you have a special occasion coming up right around the corner, and you want to throw a no-booze party, here are some tips:

Invite the right people

Invite your loved ones, your friends and whomever you would want to be there, but also make sure you invite some entertainers, story tellers and great dancers. Nope, I’m not talking about professionals, just make sure you don’t miss out on your fun friends, or even friends of friends, who are able to make anyone laugh at any point.

Concentrate on the food

Food is a better high for us humans. Serve some really good food and your guests will not even feel anything different about your party. Allocate a hefty sum of your budget for the food. Have a big spread, so that no one is left with food they only dislike. Throw a lot of chocolates in. Let the bad habit for the day be too many treats for the sweet tooth.

Beverage bar

Yes, a bar can definitely have non-alcoholic beverages only. The list of beverages you can offer here is endless. You could serve many varieties of coffee or tea, mocktails and milk shakes. The guests can drink as much as they want, without having to wake up with regrets the next morning.


Stretch your possibilities and go out of your comfort zone to entertain your guest. Board games from apples to apples to scrabble, or something like charades or even a PlayStation would do the trick. Hang a dart board. Create a karaoke corner. Have some competitions going. It is ok to act childish once in a while. Set up a party photo booth hire in Sydney to make your party special.

It can be a very simple one with your own photo booth props, or you could even hire in a reputable Sharebooth to have a unique hashtag printer hire Hunter Valley. You don’t even have to print the photos anymore because the furthest photos reach these days is Facebook or Instagram. Even a simple game of truth or dare can bring life to a sober party.

Great music

Do not play anything mediocre. Get some great music going and let it lead the party. Make sure your music doesn’t let anyone sit in one place for too long.

Take the party on a trip

Ditch your house and town for once, get on a bus and take your friends on a trip. Go to the beach or go have a river bath. A visit to a water fall can be great fun too. Challenge your friends and yourself and go on a hike or sign in to something adventurous like white water rafting. Do something different and edgy and set the standards for sober parties, high.