Planning The Perfect Hen Night

When your friend is getting married, as a girlfriend it automatically becomes your duty to throw her the most perfect hen night before she starts off on a new chapter in life. Contrary to the norms of society, the type of ideal hen night or even day or weekend varies significantly based on the personal preferences of the bride and the nature of the interests of her friends. Here are a few options you might be interested and as well as a few pointers on how you may be able to plan the perfect farewell to your friend’s single life.

Wild party

Society for some reason always associates a wild crazed booze party as the hen night. Always, the retinue and a few friends get dressed up, drink a significant amount of liquor and go dancing, maybe even with a few strippers. Well, why not. It shouldn’t only be the boys allowed to have all the fun with the belly dancers and the neon lights. Visit this link for more info on belly dancers.

The girls should be allowed to have belly dancers for hire, male or female along with a naughty dirty cop or a fire fighter to the rescue. If you and your girlfriend’s love a good night out filled with dancing and laughter, then the wild party hen night is definitely for you.

The Sleepover

Once you are married there will rarely be times for those all girls’ sleepovers with the nail painting, hair ironing, chocolaty s’mores and pizza under the blankets. Something we now regret after our friend’s ended up married was not having that one last sleepover where everyone was able to come without feeling bad about leaving their husbands at home. Once the kids and the household chores kick in, it will only become worse. If you are not the type for a wild party, plan the perfect sleep over with cheesy movies, pizza and chocolate to keep you up all night giggling and laughing over your high school sweethearts and broken hearts.

Weekend Getaway

Weddings can be a very stressful time for the bride. Take her and a few friends out on the perfect weekend getaway of her choice as the hen weekend and give her a break from all the thoughts of planning a wedding and the stress of engaging into a committed relationship for the rest of her life. Take her out to the beach or the mountains or to the wine country, have good food, music and make this a time to reminiscence on all the times you shared as friends and make all the promises to stay friends in the future. Remember, that this time you get to spend together as girlfriends is as important a time for the bride as it is for her friends, so make sure to make it a great one.