Add A Little Magic To Everyday Life Events

Many of us have a lot on our minds. We need to work, maintain a house, socialize, make and save money, look after our loved ones, achieve our dreams, educate ourselves and simply survive in this world. It has become a norm that the fittest survives and those who are weak or those who lag behind are not going to have much. We compete to be pretty and accepted, we compete to make the most amount of money, we compete to make our children shine than that of another, we compete to get promotions, we compete to make friends and so much more. 

While this competition may have both good and bad implications we have a lot to think about. We should start living. We have become so rational and matter-of-fact that we only do and associate with things that makes sense, is rational and has some be beneficial to us in any sort of a way whether monetary or otherwise. But we should not just stick to the black and white things in life. We must make sure that there are different shades and hues of colors in our lives. It is those little things in life that is worth living for and I am sure that you will agree with me on that point. 

We have come to a stage where we no longer believe in magic. True what we once called magic is basically a little bit of elementary science which now even little ones can do. We no longer believe in magic nor magicians Melbourne. But can you remember what joy it brought us when we watched a magic act and stood there wondering how that just happened? Yes little things like that bring pleasure to us. These individuals have always brought relaxation to our lives, simply because of their extraordinary performance and its curiosity makes it worthwhile to see more of it.

There are websites for wedding magician hire and for many more occasions. Little children still enjoy having a magic show for their birthday parties. We still enjoy it even if we know that its basic science used in deception. But it sparks a bit of imagination and creativity in the eye of the beholder. You can enjoy the little things of life that adds magic to life itself.

So why are we afraid to let the unknown in to our lives? Let’s live and enjoy the little things of life because life itself is a form of magic.

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Your Booze Free Party

It is no secret that once you hit the legal age, your parties almost always revolve around alcohol. However, since of late, the number of sober parties are hitting an all-time high especially, due to many young health and fitness freaks walking around. And guess what? Those parties are actually really fun. If you have a special occasion coming up right around the corner, and you want to throw a no-booze party, here are some tips:

Invite the right people

Invite your loved ones, your friends and whomever you would want to be there, but also make sure you invite some entertainers, story tellers and great dancers. Nope, I’m not talking about professionals, just make sure you don’t miss out on your fun friends, or even friends of friends, who are able to make anyone laugh at any point.

Concentrate on the food

Food is a better high for us humans. Serve some really good food and your guests will not even feel anything different about your party. Allocate a hefty sum of your budget for the food. Have a big spread, so that no one is left with food they only dislike. Throw a lot of chocolates in. Let the bad habit for the day be too many treats for the sweet tooth.

Beverage bar

Yes, a bar can definitely have non-alcoholic beverages only. The list of beverages you can offer here is endless. You could serve many varieties of coffee or tea, mocktails and milk shakes. The guests can drink as much as they want, without having to wake up with regrets the next morning.


Stretch your possibilities and go out of your comfort zone to entertain your guest. Board games from apples to apples to scrabble, or something like charades or even a PlayStation would do the trick. Hang a dart board. Create a karaoke corner. Have some competitions going. It is ok to act childish once in a while. Set up a party photo booth hire in Sydney to make your party special.

It can be a very simple one with your own photo booth props, or you could even hire in a reputable Sharebooth to have a unique hashtag printer hire Hunter Valley. You don’t even have to print the photos anymore because the furthest photos reach these days is Facebook or Instagram. Even a simple game of truth or dare can bring life to a sober party.

Great music

Do not play anything mediocre. Get some great music going and let it lead the party. Make sure your music doesn’t let anyone sit in one place for too long.

Take the party on a trip

Ditch your house and town for once, get on a bus and take your friends on a trip. Go to the beach or go have a river bath. A visit to a water fall can be great fun too. Challenge your friends and yourself and go on a hike or sign in to something adventurous like white water rafting. Do something different and edgy and set the standards for sober parties, high.

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When Should You Consider Purchasing Of An Entertainment System?

There are many homeowners, especially new owners, who are tempted to purchase an in house entertainment system at the time of setting up home. These units have evolved down the ages and there is no need for cumbersome wires and set up processes for these modern systems. All one needs to do is invest in a system that would be suitable for their home or apartment. Again, the lifestyle requirements will also determine whether you will gain pleasure from a home entertainment system or not.

When you have a large home

For those who have a large home it is ideal to set up a home theatre Brisbane. These are units that are built to create an immersive experience for a large room and hence, when you wish you could hear the television a bit better, it might be time to invest in an in house system. That will surely enhance the audio output from any standard television unit and make your television watching more enjoyable.
When you have an empty basement 

If you are planning to convert a basement area into a cozy den, it would be wise to opt for an in house system with antennas. These systems are built for an enclosed space and hence, you will surely enjoy high quality viewing experience as well as the sound that is produced in the enclosed den. All you need to do is get heavy drapes and upholstery to buffer out the sound so that neighbors and those upstairs do not get disturbed.

When you are a video game addict

If you love playing your video games, it might be high time to invest in an in house unit. That will make your gaming experience complete. Indeed, the feeling of being part of the virtual reality is enhanced when the sounds and views are larger than life. If your kind of entertainment is gaming in the den, get an in house entertainment system to make the experience complete with your friends.

For those long winter evenings

For those who get cooped up in their house for days on end during the heavy winter season it

might be a good idea to invest in an in house entertainment system. This will help to enhance normal television viewing as well as gaming or movie watching. What’s more, your family members and friends can join you for a theater like experience. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting to watch a movie on a wide screen with the sounds surreal and a surround effect created. It is definitely a great way to keep the kids entertained as well as plan evenings with friends and family members with a favorite movie or show on the system.

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Planning The Perfect Hen Night

When your friend is getting married, as a girlfriend it automatically becomes your duty to throw her the most perfect hen night before she starts off on a new chapter in life. Contrary to the norms of society, the type of ideal hen night or even day or weekend varies significantly based on the personal preferences of the bride and the nature of the interests of her friends. Here are a few options you might be interested and as well as a few pointers on how you may be able to plan the perfect farewell to your friend’s single life.

Wild party

Society for some reason always associates a wild crazed booze party as the hen night. Always, the retinue and a few friends get dressed up, drink a significant amount of liquor and go dancing, maybe even with a few strippers. Well, why not. It shouldn’t only be the boys allowed to have all the fun with the belly dancers and the neon lights. Visit this link for more info on belly dancers.

The girls should be allowed to have belly dancers for hire, male or female along with a naughty dirty cop or a fire fighter to the rescue. If you and your girlfriend’s love a good night out filled with dancing and laughter, then the wild party hen night is definitely for you.

The Sleepover

Once you are married there will rarely be times for those all girls’ sleepovers with the nail painting, hair ironing, chocolaty s’mores and pizza under the blankets. Something we now regret after our friend’s ended up married was not having that one last sleepover where everyone was able to come without feeling bad about leaving their husbands at home. Once the kids and the household chores kick in, it will only become worse. If you are not the type for a wild party, plan the perfect sleep over with cheesy movies, pizza and chocolate to keep you up all night giggling and laughing over your high school sweethearts and broken hearts. 

Weekend Getaway

Weddings can be a very stressful time for the bride. Take her and a few friends out on the perfect weekend getaway of her choice as the hen weekend and give her a break from all the thoughts of planning a wedding and the stress of engaging into a committed relationship for the rest of her life. Take her out to the beach or the mountains or to the wine country, have good food, music and make this a time to reminiscence on all the times you shared as friends and make all the promises to stay friends in the future. Remember, that this time you get to spend together as girlfriends is as important a time for the bride as it is for her friends, so make sure to make it a great one.

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